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WebNet Hosting Announces Global Reseller Hosting Packages With Data Centers Based in Europe, Asia

The company's growth over the years triggered the need for server deployment in Asian and European locations, and the ultimate regional choices were based on high connectivity and world-wide availability. PJ Taei, Director of Operations for WebNet Hosting, explained: "Demand for reseller hosting is growing, and Amsterdam and Tokyo are two global locations with great connectivity that serve the entire globe," said PJ. "We get many requests from our resellers-asking for multiple locations-and now we have a solution for them." With reseller hosting, individuals can use their wholesale-priced hard drive space and bandwidth to host third party websites for a profit. As PJ Taei, explained: "Offering reseller hosting not only helps WebNet Hosting get more reseller accounts, it also helps grow the resellers' businesses by offering a worthwhile hosting solution to their clients." WebNet Hosting has three reseller hosting plans; the Level 1 with U.S. based locations, and the Level 2 and Level 3 plans offered in Europe and Asia. The plans boast easy set-up and management, free cPanel, WHM and WHMCS, a redundant cloud server platform, and more. About WebNet Hosting After over a decade in business, WebNet hosting has empowered over 10,000 customers, and their base is rapidly expanding with the onset of becoming a leading global hosting provider. In addition to global reseller hosting plans, the company provides fully-managed cloud VPS and dedicated server hosting solutions with an emphasis comprehensive hosting, e-commerce and online media streaming. Read the full story at
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Reseller Hosting Demystified

Sign up for any of our UK Reseller Hosting Annual Plan, Biennial Plan or Triennial Plan and get 12 Months, 24 Months or 36 Months of Hosting absolutely free for life. This is a good opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs who would like to start their own web hosting company and web developers who provide web hosting space to their clients. You will be saving huge fees straight away by getting next term free thus generating more revenue and profits. What is the Offer? 1) Sign up for Reseller Hosting Annual, Biennial or Triennial Plan and get next term free. This means, if you sign up for Reseller Annual Plan, you get 12 Months Free, 24 Months on Biennial Billing and 36 Months on Triennial Billing absolutely free. 2) Order should be placed using RESELLERX2 Coupon Code. 3) If you are an existing customer, upgrade billing cycle and redeem this offer. If you are on Monthly billing cycle, upgrade to Annual, Biennial or Triennial billing to redeem this offer. Similarly, if you are already on Annual billing cycle, upgrade to Biennial or Triennial billing cycle to redeem free months.
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Go Daddy Introduces Reseller Hosting

Go Daddys Reseller Hosting gets resellers up and running quickly, said Go Daddy Vice President of Hosting Scott Brown. We build products and services for Web designers and developers that are easy to use and increase their bottom line. Reseller Hosting gives designers and developers complete control without getting bogged down in buying and managing software. VPS Reseller Hosting accounts include dedicated memory and generous hardware resources. This allows resellers to control the user density on their hosting server. Additionally, Reseller Hosting gives the reseller the ability to set the size of the hosting account and the fees charged, giving resellers the ability to maximize profits. Reseller Hosting is backed by the same Go Daddy network and security used by millions of Web hosting customers every day. It is available in three plans to fit different needs. Each option gives resellers access to Go Daddys world-class 24/7 customer support. To learn more about Go Daddys Reseller Hosting visit Connect with Go Daddy on Facebook & Twitter . About Go Daddy Go Daddy is the world's largest domain name provider, Web hosting provider and new SSL certificate provider, focused on helping small businesses growlarger.Go Daddyprovides dozensof cloud-based services and is the largest worldwide mass-market hosting provider by annual revenue according to Tier1 Research (Mass-Market Hosting Report-Winter 2011) and is the #1 provider of net-new SSL certificates for 2011, according to theNetcraft, LTD Secure Server Survey.
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UK Reseller Hosting Offer:12-24-36 Months Hosting Free + Free WHMCS+Enom+SSL+IPs

Well start by introducing you to the technical concepts behind reseller hosting, and then follow up by offering the insights of professionals on how to go about selecting a hosting partner to work with on your reseller business. How Reseller Hosting Works Many large web hosting companies now offer a special account typeusually called a Reseller plan. This account is specifically set up so that the account holder can pay a flat monthly fee for an account, and then host multiple subaccounts under it which the account holder manages and bills for. Heres an example: lets say that you purchase a reseller account for a flat fee of $30 per month. Lets also say that you currently have ten customers whod pay you to host their website. Heres a projection of your earnings each month if you charged: $5 per month: 10 customers x $5 = $50 per month $30 for the reseller account = $20 profit each month $10 per month: 10 customers x $10 = $100 per month $30 for the reseller account = $70 profit each month $25 per month: 10 customers x $25 = $250 per month $30 for the reseller account = $220 profit each month These profit numbers become even more attractive if you have 100 customers instead of just 10 (of course, at that point youd probably need to spend more on the hosting plan, depending on your clients traffic). So lets say that you have decided to resell hosting to your clients. Lets first look at understanding exactly what reseller hosting is from a technical perspective; then well turn to helping you select the best provider. Understanding Reseller Hosting Lets start with a solid definition of reseller hosting from a technical perspective. While in many ways reseller hosting plans are similar to normal shared hosting services, it can be helpful to understand the technical underpinnings of how it allows you to host multiple subaccounts under one master account.
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Basics of reseller hosting

Unbranded selling There are many reseller hosts who opt to provide unbranded reseller plans (also known as 'private label' plans). This basically means that they offer their web hosting services without revealing their identities to customers. Instead of branding the domain name of their server with their name or logo, they opt for an ambiguous domain name. This way, customers get the impression that the reseller host actually owns and manages its own servers. Overselling This refers to a situation where a web host sells accounts which exceed the amount of bandwidth and disk space allotted. For instance, a web host could be allotted 20,000MB of bandwidth and 2000MB of disk space. Let's say the web host decides to offer plans which constitute 4000MB of bandwidth and 400MB of space. This means that the web host can only sell five of those plans. Overselling is based on the assumption that the individual customer is not likely to use all the bandwidth or disk space allotted to them.
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