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The SEO Professional’s Guide to Google Webmaster Tools

Making the Most of Google Webmaster Tools

These can include and markup. When clicking through, each data type report shows which pages the markup has been found on, as well as the date they were last detected. For SEOs that are adding schema markup to a website, this is a good section to monitor to make sure it is getting recognized correctly. Author Stats Finally, the Author Stats section under Labs in the left navigation is a new feature that deals with Google Authorship . The report shows which pages appear in search results that are affiliated Choosing the Best VPN Service for you with a specific author who has been set up with Authorship through Google+. The report shows how many times the link appeared in search results (aka Impressions), actual clicks, CTR, and average position. Clicking on the pages doesnt take the user to a more specific report for that link; rather it just takes the user to the actual page in a new window. The future for Google Webmaster Tools (as well as Google Analytics) continues to provide a wealth of metrics and features for SEOs to look forward to. More specific data that can be compared against one another (e.g. Original The SEO Professional’s Guide to Google Webmaster Tools

Remove URLs Broken Links Despite anyones best efforts, broken links will appear on a website. It used to be that Google would only tell you about the broken links on your website, this has now changed since the update. Google are now providing everyone with data on broken links to your site from other locations on the web. This is invaluable information for your link builders; given the amount of time and/or money you spend on link building, finding out problems with those links affords you the opportunity to fix them accordingly. As the image above shows, Google present you with a visual illustration of the broken links discovered over time to your website. Furthermore up to 1,000 of these broken links will be listed for you and can be exported to an Excel or CVS file for review. Better still, Google have improved the system so that you can click on a broken link, see if it is in the Sitemap and also see every location on the web that links to the missing page. See image below: This is very useful information and can be used to identify a host of potential issues with your website or your link building activities. For example, recently we looked at a Webmaster Tools account and identified 400 broken links. It transpired that someone external who was doing some link building for this site and had been using incorrectly typed URLs. Original New Features of Webmaster Tools

Today's News: Our Take - Elmore Leonard Dies at 87

The fact of the matter is that Google and PR agencies earn their money in the same way: promoting businesses. Google does it by selling ads on its AdWords or AdSense networks, and in return it directs lots of traffic to the site. They don't see themselves in this way, but PR agencies are essentially engaged in a form of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Google is at war with SEO companies and is trying to wipe them out. Except for the most basic aspects, it sees all SEO as blatant attempts to game its algorithm.Only scammers would want to do that, is its thinking, therefore those businesses that paid for SEO services must be penalized as scammers. Plus: Google wants the money businesses pay for promotional services because organic or not, it's all Google's traffic. If a business is caught violating Google's webmaster rules it can be a very serious matter. It can result in a penalty that sinks its rank deep within the Google index. Most people don't click past the first page of search results.If a business can't be found easily through Google, it can kill it stone dead. A huge archive of transgressions Google can change its webmaster rules at any time.There is never any mention by Google of grandfathering-in of prior practices. All the previous promotional PR practices on behalf of clients will be judged by the new rules.The damage is done and it will be near impossible to undo. PR agencies face three big problems: - Their current and former clients could become very upset with them because of perfectly acceptable prior PR practices designed to promote their business instead of the viral, organic growth based on happy customers, which is what Google now wants to see. - PR agencies could be held liable for the damage they caused to the online reputation of client businesses through the execution of normal practices. It could lead to legal action and compensation claims on millions of dollars in lost sales. - PR agencies have to wake up to the fact that Google is now their competitor. Original Did Google just kill PR agencies?

Tips on Using Webmaster Tools to Learn, Fix Your Site And Improve Your Search (SEO)

Tips on Using Webmaster Tools to Learn, Fix Your Site And Improve Your Search (SEO) image Results 300x234 Now, a top-notch webmaster must be a jack-of-all-trades, excelling in server and application programming, graphics design, e-mail marketing, media development, site security, social media integration and more. Here's what you should be looking for in an outstanding webmaster: A diverse portfolio demonstrating knowledge and skills in visual design, web graphics and programming. Knowledge of standards, technologies and tools. The ideal webmaster knows what is possible and required to implement certain features, but also knows that the latest and greatest craze may not be suitable for a specific company or client. Efficiency. Webmasters who really know their trade build sites more efficiently. They may cost more per hour or charge a higher retainer, but if they accomplish more per hour and deliver on schedule, you save money. Does your webmaster have the right stuff? When considering candidates to manage your website, check for the following: Positive references or testimonials from previous clients. Diverse portfolio that proves an ability to build an attractive site and implement the features you need, such as secure e-commerce, user registration, automated technical support. SEO results of existing sites. Original How to Hire a Webmaster

How to Hire a Webmaster

He was 87."The post I dreaded to write, and you dreaded to read. Elmore passed away at 7:15 this morning from complications from his stroke. He was at home surrounded by his loving family," Leonard's researcher and webmaster Gregg Sutter posted to his Facebook page Tuesday.Leonard had been hospitalized since suffering a stroke three weeks ago. Remember cpanel Hosting Provider other celebrities we lost this year Dubbed the "Dickens of Detroit," Leonard got his start as a copywriter before publishing his first short story "Trail of the Apaches" in 1951. He published his first novel, The Bounty Hunters, two years later and continued writing Westerns before turning to mystery and crime. Over his career, Leonard wrote 45 novels, many of which were adapted into movies, including Jackie Brown (based on Rum Punch). The FX series Justified is based on Leonard's short story Fire in the Hole and the short-lived ABC series Karen Sisco was based on Jennifer Lopez's character in Out of Sight. Life of Crime, a film adaptation of his book The Switch starring Jennifer Anniston , will premiere in September at Toronto International Film Festival. Original Today's News: Our Take - Elmore Leonard Dies at 87

How to Use Google Webmaster Tools to Maximize Your SEO Campaign

google-webmaster-tools-author-stats guy they sure or not sure? I think they just dont know what they want and prefer to confuse all of us. Sam Fletcher Im definitely not going to say youre wrong. I can just tell you what worked for us and my speculation as to why it worked. Allyson Seitzler Great article. We didnt receive a manual notices but I recently dealt with the disavow process in Google. Im not sure if this will work for others, but it worked for me and a client with a considerable amount of purchased inbound links from years past. I downloaded the list of links Google had listed and went to each URL armed with my Chrome plugin for Google Page Rank. I made a list of all URL links that were banned by the host or under PR 3. After trying to contact the website that were still hosted to get our clients link removed, I listed roughly 70% of the URLs that were listed and submitted the .TXT via the disavow area. Almost two weeks later to the day, I saw a major jump in rankings and a 20% increase in overall traffic through Google / Organic the following month. Original Google: We Prefer To Assess Reconsideration Requests On Links Within Webmaster Tools However…

New Features of Webmaster Tools

The Search Queries section is broken down into five main indicators: Query:Query gives you details on what keywords your site is currently ranked for. This is one of the fastest ways to decode whether your efforts to get on the map for a specific keyword are working. It's important to remember that "rank for" means showing up in the SERPs not necessarily actively attracting traffic (yet). This feature can help you quickly identify keywords that are relevant, but need a boost from linking or further content optimization. Impressions:If you've ever wondered how many people are seeing your website for a specific keyword search, this will tell you. This metric gives you a good sense of how many people are seeing specific sections of your content. This is another way to confirm the value of a keyword in addition to traffic data from the Google Keywords module and other tools. Clicks:Of the people who are seeing your site, how many are clicking? This information lets you know how many searchers seeing your site are taking action and clicking on your search result. CTR:Your CTR, or click-through rate, is the percentage of people that are clicking on your site in the search results. If your click-through rates are low, look at whether you can improve your meta description for that page. Original How to Use Google Webmaster Tools to Maximize Your SEO Campaign

Google: We Prefer To Assess Reconsideration Requests On Links Within Webmaster Tools However…

Lucky for us, Google is helping to solve this problem with the help of the recently announced Google Webmaster Academy. Garen Checkly from the Google Search Quality Team, has announced the creation of the new Webmaster Academy which Google says is designed to walk business owners through the information they need to get their site up and running in easy to understand steps. Finally, the answers you were looking for, centralized so you can actually find them. As the name suggests, the content in Webmaster Academy will be laid out in a syllabus-style format where site owners will be able to navigate between 19 different subject lessons to improve their knowledge and increase their visibility in the Google search results. Theres a little something for everyone here as topics range from: How to get online for free Creating a Google Places listing Using Google+ Adding your site to Webmaster Tools Making your site easy for Google to crawl What makes great content And a lot more! Once you click into any of the subject areas, Google will provide a tutorial on that topic, defining key terms and processes, offering links to inking off to additional Google resources, and providing video instruction, where applicable. For Google, this is a great way to highlight all of the content they have in their arsenal and make it findable. As a business owner, this is a great way to benefit from all the free resources that Google has created for webmasters. I especially like that Google is providing links for SMBs to dig even deeper into topic areas. Original Google Introduces the web site Webmaster Academy

Did Google just kill PR agencies?

Their sites werent coming up on search properly, cached versions of their old site were showing up everywhere, traffic had not improved and based on what they thought had been significant work, they couldnt figure out what was wrong. I suggested they check out their Webmaster tools and verify the site indexing date and make sure their site was submitting updates. They thought they had done this, so I took a look. What I discovered was, they didnt even have their site on Webmaster tools, they were in their analytics. Tip 1: Webmaster Tools is Not Google Analytics Analytics can provide extraordinary information about your site performance, search results etc. I wont go into the numerous benefits in this post, needless to say its essential for anyone who is operating online to be using their analytics. This post is about Webmaster Tools, which is still a Google service, but is accessed in a different section and is a tool of its own. If you want Googles insight on it, you can check out their article here . When you log into Google WebMaster Tools, even if your site isnt attached to it, you will still see your account. Dont be fooled thinking that because you logged in, the site is registered and your tools are working! Original Tips on Using Webmaster Tools to Learn, Fix Your Site And Improve Your Search (SEO)

Google Introduces the Webmaster Academy

You should be using this tool to identify which pages need to have the titles and descriptions rewritten. Site Configuration Another section of the webmaster tools is your site configuration. This let you inform Google of where your sitemap is located, monitor the robots.txt file for your site, have some control over how sitelinksif applicableare displayed, and also adjust the suggested crawl rate (use this last one with caution).Probably the biggest benefits to this section are the Sitemap and Crawler access functions.By submitting a sitemapbe it in XML or text-file format, or using RSS/Atom feedsyou gain the clearest picture of how much of your content has been indexed; the dashboard reports an actual figure of indexed URLs that you can compare with the number submitted in your sitemap, as shown in Figure5, Google Webmaster Tools Sitemaps functionality . The downside is that Google Webmaster Tools is unable to tell you which URLs are indexed and which arent. Figure5.Google Webmaster Tools Sitemapsfunctionality The Crawler access function enables you to request that a URL be removed from the index but this does come withsome strict requirements.Hidden in the Settings section of the Site configuration section is the Parameter Handling functionality. This allows youto restrict crawler access to troublesome query-string parameters that may be giving you duplicate content problems, or are meant to provide specific functionality that you dont want the search engines to be interested in; for example, print versions of pages. Labs While these are the core staple reports, Google Webmaster Tools also offers a Labs section where experimental new features are available. For instance, you can report on how a specific page is fetched by Googles spider (known as Googlebot), or graph the time a page takes to loadas Figure6, Site performance overview shows. Figure6.Site performance overview The Big Picture Webmaster tools provided by the search engines offer data and insights not possible through any other third-party method, and when tied together with your sites analytics tools (and any rank-checking and tracking tools you might be using), youll have the broadest picture of your sites performance in the search engines. Original Making the Most of Google Webmaster Tools

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