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How to Hire a Webmaster

Webmaster of online vice ring gets a month's jail

0 Comments | In the web's early days, knowledge of HTML and an eye for graphics were all a webmaster needed to succeed. Now, a top-notch webmaster must be a jack-of-all-trades, excelling in server and application programming, graphics design, e-mail marketing, media development, site security, social media integration and more. Here's what you should be looking for in an outstanding webmaster: A diverse portfolio demonstrating knowledge and skills in visual design, web graphics and programming. Knowledge of standards, technologies and tools. The ideal webmaster knows what is possible and required to implement certain features, but also knows that the latest and greatest craze may not be suitable for a specific company or client. Efficiency. Webmasters who really know their trade build sites more efficiently. They may cost more per hour or charge a higher retainer, but if they accomplish more per hour and deliver on schedule, you save money. Does your webmaster have the right stuff? When considering candidates to manage your website, check for the following: Positive references or testimonials from previous clients. Original How to Hire a Webmaster

How to Use Google Webmaster Tools to Maximize Your SEO Campaign

google-webmaster-tools-author-stats I wont go into the numerous benefits in this post, needless to say its essential for anyone who is operating online to be using their analytics. This post is about Webmaster Tools, which is still a Google service, but is accessed in a different section and is a tool of its own. If you want Googles insight on it, you can check out their article here . When you log into Google WebMaster Tools, even if your site isnt attached to it, you will still see your account. Dont be fooled thinking that because you logged in, the site is registered and your tools are working! Step 1: Add your Site This takes about 30 seconds for Google, and between 2 minutes and half an hour for you (depending on if you have ever checked the code on your themes before, or if you need to get someone else to do it for you.) If you have a site manager, ask them to add you to the people who have access to WebMaster Tools, this is an important place that you can gain insight from and require no expertise to use. Do not just leave it to the person you hired! Enable Webmaster Tools data in Google Analytics When you associate a Google Analytics web property with a Webmaster Tools site, you will be able to see Webmaster Tools data in your Google Analytics reports, and enable Webmaster Tools to link directly to associated reports in Google Analytics. ~read how to do this here. Now that you have this set up, you can start investigating what is really going on with your site. Original Tips on Using Webmaster Tools to Learn, Fix Your Site And Improve Your Search (SEO)

Tips on Using Webmaster Tools to Learn, Fix Your Site And Improve Your Search (SEO)

Tips on Using Webmaster Tools to Learn, Fix Your Site And Improve Your Search (SEO) image Results 300x234 He had pleaded guilty to living off the immoral earnings of two Thai prostitutes between May 28 last year and Jan 2. -- ST FILE PHOTO: LAU FOOK KONG By Khushwant Singh A hostel manager who moonlighted as the webmaster of an online vice ring, was jailed for a month on Wednesday. Sze Jia Wei, 26, had pleaded guilty to living off the immoral earnings of two Thai prostitutes between May 28 last year and Jan 2. The court heard that Sze's close friend, Chow Tai Gheng, who was then a full-time national serviceman, was facing financial difficulties because of his father's medical bills. To earn extra income, he roped in Sze to launch the website to offer sexual services in January last year. Police raided Chow's flat in Old Choa Chu Kang Road on Jan 3 this year. The duo and the two prostitutes were arrested the same day. Arguing for a fine, defence counsel Lee Ah Fong said that his client played a "minor role". Disagreeing, District Judge Ng Peng Hong said that Sze "managed the IT side of a syndicated vice operation". Chow was sentenced to 15 months in jail on Tuesday for living off immoral earnings and other offences. Original Webmaster of online vice ring gets a month's jail

Google Said Webmaster Tools Links Is Enough But It Is Not!

However, because the content is spread out and so vast, it can be pretty hard to find the answer youre looking for, especially for SMBs who arent as familiar with terminology or concepts as theyd like to be. Lucky for us, Google is helping to solve this problem with the help of the recently announced Google Webmaster Academy. Garen Checkly from the Google Search Quality Team, has announced the creation of the new Webmaster Academy which Google says is designed to walk business owners through the information they need to get their site up and running in easy to understand steps. Finally, the answers you were looking for, centralized so you can actually find them. As the name suggests, the content in Webmaster Academy will be laid out in a syllabus-style format where site owners will be able to navigate between 19 different subject lessons to improve their knowledge and increase their visibility in the Google search results. Theres a little something for everyone here as topics range from: How to get online for free Creating a Google Places listing Using Google+ Adding your site to Webmaster Tools Making your site easy for Google to crawl What makes great content And a lot more! Once you click into any of the subject areas, Google will provide a tutorial on that topic, defining key terms and processes, offering links to inking off to additional Google resources, and providing video instruction, where applicable. For Google, this is a great way to highlight all of the content they have in their arsenal and make it findable. As a business owner, this is a great way to benefit from all the free resources that Google has created for webmasters. I especially like that Google is providing links for SMBs to dig even deeper into topic areas. Original Google Introduces the Webmaster Academy

Making the Most of Google Webmaster Tools

For example, if you have content that gets a great CTR but is ranking on Page 2 of the SERPs, you could build some links to that page in order to bump it to the first page. If you've been working hard to optimize content that's not getting traction, you will often find other pages that are organically capturing visitors and can adjust your strategy. The key here is to understand that sometimes your audience focuses on something unexpected, and by uncovering that information you're able to deliberately build your strategy to make the most of it. Refining Your Page-Level Strategy When you structured your site, you likely chose specific keywords to target with each page or section of content on your site. Google Webmaster Tools allows you to take that process in reverse, and identify what keywords each page of your content ranks for. Likely these will include both your target keywords and some surprises. Once you've mapped out the keywords for each page, add those keywords to a rank tracking tool to find out additional data like traffic and competition. This will help you uncover any unexploited opportunities. Once you get a list of what keywords a particular page ranks for, you should make sure your page actually contains all those keywords. Pay specific attention to high value real estate like your page titles and the first paragraph of your article. Original How to Use Google Webmaster Tools to Maximize Your SEO Campaign

A Google Webmaster Tools account with an assortment of sites is shown in Figure1, The Google Webmaster Tools home screen . Figure1.The Google Webmaster Tools home screen Getting Started Before you can even start to look at the data the search engines have about your site, you must first register the site with them, and verify ownership. This is normally done by either uploading a small file to the root of your web server, or adding a snippet of code on your home page.Google also allows you to verify a site by adding a DNS (domain name server) record to the domain configuration, or by linking with a Google Analytics administrator account. You can see all the available options for verification in Figure2, Webmaster Tools verification .Googles Webmaster Tools can be found at , and Bings at . Figure2.Webmaster Tools verification Overview GA_googleFillSlot(Articles_6_300x250); The primary task of webmaster tools is to provide information on crawling and indexing. One aspect of search that they provide little information on is ranking.Since Googles Webmaster Tools is the reigning leader in this segment, well concentrate on its tool set for the purposes of thisexplanation, but Bings dashboard offers very similar insights.So, whats gained by registering your site with webmaster tools? Googles Webmaster Tools dashboard is broken down into four sections, so well summarize what each of them contains. Your Site on the Web This area provides data relating to how both people and search engines find and navigate to your content (links and keywords). Search queries This lists the most popular searches for which your site appeared in Google results, as well as impressions and clicks that were made from those results to your site. Recent improvements in this section include the ability to see this represented in a graph over time, with the average position in the rankings, and specific information on each keyword or phrase, as shown in Figure3, Search queries graphed over time . Figure3.Search queries graphed over time How to use: Alongside your analytics metrics and AdWords (if applicable) to identify what terms are driving the most traffic to your site. Original Making the Most of Google Webmaster Tools

Google Introduces the Webmaster Academy

Despite it only being cited as a "sample" of links, Google said all you need are the links within that report. Heck, I was not confident so I even asked Google's John Mueller to confirm the fact and John Mueller indeed said this was true. But is it? Marie Haynes posted topic in the Google Webmaster Help forums where she said a client of hers received an unnatural link notification from Google but the example inorganic link cited by Google was no where to be found in Google Webmaster Tools link report. I obviously don't have access to this Webmaster Tools account to verify but I trust Marie. I checked Majestic SEO and the bad link doesn't show in their reports also. But the main concern here is that Google told us all we need is Webmaster Tools links but here is proof that we need more. And if we need more, how do we get the bad links we cannot be confident that the link tools we have access to for free or paid tools have this data? Forum discussion at Google Webmaster Help . Update: On August 15th I finally got word back from Matt Cutts and posted those details on Search Engine Land . Here is Matt Cutts comment: Its certainly the case that we endeavor to show examples from the set of links returned by Webmaster Tools, and likewise we prefer to assess reconsideration requests on that basis of those links. Original Google Said Webmaster Tools Links Is Enough But It Is Not!

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