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How I Built a cPanel Hosting Environment on AWS Part 3

NetHosting Offers cPanel Enkompass Hosting

If something other than your external/public IP is displayed, read below. Ive encountered a few scenarios where either a random local IP (mainly inherited from a cloned instance) will be displayed in this IP field. If the IP shownISNOTyour external/public IP andIS NOTthe correct internal/local IP: Enter the correctInternal/LocalIP. Click Save Changes. In the left hand menu, under IP Functions, click Show or Delete Current IP Addresses. If cPanel has properly detected the NAT, you will see a NAT Mode heading with a box below displaying theLocal IPand thePublic IPthat it is being mapped to. Click the Validate button to ensure that the mapping is functioning properly. Forcing NAT Detection In some cases, NAT Mode will not be automatically enabled or detected. If the steps above produced Local IPs instead of Public IPs, you will probably need to force cPanel to detect your NAT. This can be done in a few simple steps. As I said before, please follow these steps at your own risk as cPanel does not officially support an installation that has been upgraded to NAT. Original How I Built a cPanel Hosting Environment on AWS Part 3

CloudLinux Releases New Inode Limits For CPanel

Performing these tasks is where the control panel comes in. The two largest and most capable, cPanel and Plesk dominate the market place, and each have their specific uses and strengths, Both of these control panels are feature rich and allow you to manipulate your system; each has some advantages and either can get the job done. The question is, which system will be easier for you to use while offering the capability you need. That is the whole point of making control panel programs more accessible to non-programmers. It allows manipulation of your systems and web presence without the need for an IT or programmer to get involved every time you need to make a new email address or upload files. *cPanel Advantages - Ease of Use Hosting with cPanel has the biggest advantage in that it is very easy and intuitive to use. It does run on a Linux platform which also gives it advantages through the CloudLinux OS. The ease of use of cPanel, and its ability to easily set up and run virtual servers within your server framework makes this a perfect program for someone who runs multiple websites, or an organization that needs the control that you can only get from a dedicated control panel. cPanel does this without overloading the user with too much information. *Easy Add On's and No External Database Needed Another advantage of cPanel is the fact that it does not need an external database; this control panel system also usually features more options than Plesk, and there are many plug in features that are available with cPanel which make adding functionalities extremely easy. *Plesk - Linux and Windows Capable Plesk does have its advantages. Original Hosting Concerns: CPanel Vs. Plesk And The Pros And Cons Of Each

AWS Diagram The Inode control feature allows hosting providers to limit the number of files or folders on servers on a per account or per packet basis. This keeps users within allocated amount of disk space, and ultimately allows more consistent server performance. Hosts that use CloudLinux can get more from their shared hosting servers,says Igor Seletskiy, founder and CEO at CloudLinux. By allocating specific hardware resources to each account, servers can be filled to maximum capacity without the risk of poor performance. At CloudLinux, we are always finding new ways to help hosting companies take control of their servers, and our new Inode Limits for cPanel provides an alternative way to limit the way storage is used. CloudLinux contains shared hosting accounts within Lightweight Virtual Environments, and provides LVE Manager, where hardware resource limits can be set and controlled. CloudLinux previously updated its LVEs to allow more resource control just over a year ago. CloudLinux Inode Limits for cPanel can be set to soft or hard limits, to give the option of temporarily allowing users to exceed limits while they decompress or test software. This allows hosts to limit abusive users while remaining flexible enough to handle the occasional inode usage spike, saysIvan Raki, CEO of Servikus. We had some abusive users and some badly written scripts that affected performance across entire servers. These problems and their negative impact on the service received by other webmasters had already prompted Servikus to develop an inode control for cPanel. Original CloudLinux Releases New Inode Limits Feature for cPanel

CloudLinux Releases New Inode Limits Feature for cPanel

Wednesday, cPanel held a webinar to share some of the new releases new features with users, and to demonstrate the new interface it has developed for the WebHost Manager side of the control panel the administrator interface. cPanels Scrum Product Development Method Before we look at the features, it is worth noting that the 11.34 release is the first update to cPanel & WHM to come out of the companys recently-implemented scrum agile product development process. While cPanel previously had a large pool of developers who worked kind of independently on different projects that would ultimately visit this page be worked into the software, the scrum method divides that pool of developers into smaller teams, and assigns specific features to each of those teams. cPanel says the overall effect of the changes is that new features can find their way into the product faster, since the teams are better able to focus their energies, and the companys overall development resources, on priority projects. New Hosting Control Panel Features in cPanel & WHM 11.34 During Wednesdays webinar, cPanel focused on highlighting a few specific changes in the new version of its hosting control panel software. cPanel says it has made several updates to its Web Disk function, which enables users to manipulate files on the server via a shared drive on a computer or mobile device. The changes include support for a variety of operating systems, including Windows Vista, 7 and 8, Android, iOS and OSX Lion and Mountain Lion. It also announced new functions for its email archiving tool, which enables administrators to set up policies to have incoming and outgoing emails from a server compressed and archived daily (and stored as part of the regular cPanel backup). The update adds client configuration support for MacOS, PostBox, Thunderbird, KDE KMail, several Outlook versions, as well as Outlook Express and Windows Live Mail. Original A Look at the New WHM Interface in Version 11.34 of the cPanel Hosting Control Panel

Hosting Concerns: CPanel Vs. Plesk And The Pros And Cons Of Each

As a result, setting a per package or per account limit on the number of inodes helps keep customers within their allocated disk space quota. As a way to maintain consistent server performance, inode limits are a welcome addition for CloudLinux and cPanel customers. The inode issue had been bothering us for a long time, says Ivan Raki?, CEO at Servikus LLC. We had some abusive users and some badly written scripts that affected performance across entire servers. We actually started to develop our own solution for inode limitation in cPanel but, just a few days into development, CloudLinux announced that Inode Limits would be coming to the OS. Now, we are able to limit abusive users without investing our own time and money into developing technology. Best of all, the solution can limit abusive users while remaining flexible enough to handle the occasional inode usage spike. In some instances, shared hosting customers exceed their resource allocations because they need to decompress an old backup file or test new software. To accommodate webmasters who temporarily exceed inode restrictions, the new CloudLinux Inode Limits for cPanel can be configured for a soft limit, where customers may pass the inode limit for a short period of time. In addition, the extension can be launched in hard limit mode, where it would be impossible to create new files and folders after allocations have been used. Finally, with support for popular web hosting control panels including cPanel, webmasters can monitor their current inode usage at any time. Fundamentally, the Inode Limits Extension is designed to offer flexibility, says Seletskiy. Original CloudLinux Releases New Inode Limits For CPanel

A Look at the New WHM Interface in Version 11.34 of the cPanel Hosting Control Panel

breadcrumbs navigation in the 11.34 release of cPanel & WHM Online PR News 01-September-2010 Orem, UT NetHosting , an established provider of Cloud, Dedicated, and VPS hosting solutions, has recently expanded its service offering to include the time- and cost-saving capabilities of Enkompass, cPanels newest Windows-compatible web hosting control panel. Designed to operate with Microsoft IIS7 and Windows Server 2008, the Enkompass model takes directly from the effective and intuitive interface of cPanel/WHM for Linux, with a few alterations intended for Windows-only application. The close resemblance of the two products enables staff and customers alike who are familiar with cPanel/WHM to make a smooth transition to Enkompass. The consistency of features between the Linux control panel and Enkompass is only one of the manifold advantages of the new product, states NetHosting CEO, Lane Livingston, explaining that in addition to the time and resources saved by not needing to retrain our staff, Enkompass was specially designed by cPanel with flexibility, scalability, and security in mind. Mr. Livingston anticipates tremendous customer response to the recent release of Enkompass as an option in its lineup of services, stating, Until recently only Linux users have had access to the level of versatility and value that cPanel made possible with WHM. Since Enkompass was built and rooted in Windows technologies, all the advantages of reduced software licensing and support costs, streamlined and accurate reporting functions, and well as cPanel-grade performance are now available to Windows users through NetHosting. About NetHosting NetHosting, a leader in service and product, delivers a broad variety of high performance hosting packages that include top-of-the-line Dedicated Server solutions, VPS platforms, and best-in-class cPanel Virtual Hostingall with a 100% uptime guaranteed and backed by a state-of-the-art PCI certified data center. NetHosting makes a practice of exceeding customer expectations on a day-to-day basis. Its diligent team of experts form the foundation of dependability upon which the company has rested for nearly fifteen years, making it one of the nations top web hosting providers. For more information, visit or follow us @nethosting on Twitter. Original NetHosting Offers cPanel Enkompass Hosting

Reseller hosting business through cPanel hosting, an extremely profitable business with out investing much says

Give reseller hosting customers the flexible hosting plans they need Use web host manager (WHM) in the cPanel web hosting account to customize hosting options according to the hosting needs of the customers. With JaguarPC reseller cPanel hosting, users can set custom parameters for each client in addition to giving them access to their own cPanel host control panel for their websites. Manage multiple websites in addition to unlimited hosting reseller accounts. Organize multiple email accounts, billing, and install a ticket support system using Fantasticos one-click install. All of the Fantastico scripts are available to users and their customers through user's cPanel web host account. Essential uptime and support available for both users and their customers JaguarPC cPanel website hosting 24/7 technical support gives the confidence to attend to customers every need. Reach out to the support team any time via live chat, email, ticket system, or by telephone . Increase the hosting knowledge in JaguarPCs extensive knowledge base, and benefit from the knowledge of other JaguarPC hosting resellers in the JaguarPC community forum. JaguarPC cPanel hosting features the 99.9% uptime guarantee with constant monitoring and maintenance. CPanel reseller hosting business and their customer websites will always be available online. Original Reseller hosting business through cPanel hosting, an extremely profitable business with out investing much says

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